Introduction paragraph.

  • XENA Digital Intermediate – Our Xena DI Scanners deliver the highest possible quality in motion picture film scanning, yielding true 14 bit per channel RGB color separated CCD imaging.  DI scans are pin registered, and each color channel is recorded as a separate exposure via a monochrome CCD imagining system.  For color film, optional Infrared dirt concealment is available.  35mm and 16mm DI scans may also be ordered with DCS’s proprietary full immersion liquid gate system for scratch removal.  DI scanning formats include
    • 65MM 5/8 and 15 Perf Imax – Available in 6K , Super 4K and Super 2K.
    • 35MM 2/3/4/6/8 Perf – Available in 6K, Super 4K, 4K, Super 2K and HD
    • Super 16MM & Regular 16MM – Availble in 4K, Super 2K and HD
  • XENA Datacine – Xena datacine scanners transport film continuously via a capstan-driven system.  Since there is no drive sprocket, Xena datacines are very safe for older and shrunken film.  Color imaging is achieved via a large format color sensor.  Unlike other datacine scanners, black & white rolls are scanned using a monochrome sensor with full spectrum LED light, and not a color sensor interpolated into a black & white image.  Superior image stablization is applied by overscanning  and referencing the perforations.  35mm datacine transfers may be ordered with pin registration.  Simultaneous audio capture to industry standard 48KHz/24 bit broadcast wave files is supported for 35mm & 16mm element with optical audio, and for 16mm elements with magnetic audio. Datacine formats available are:
    • 35MM 2/3/4/6/8 Perf
    • Super 16MM & Regular 16MM
    • Super 8MM & Regular 8MM
  • Cintel DSX – The DSX stands out as a unique tool in our scanner portfolio due to its unique ability to conceal scratches and dirt in real time, making it a very cost-effective solution for scanning archival and worn elements.  Unlike infrared dirt concealment, the DSX can remove artifacts on both color and black & white film. Our Cintel DSX’s are equipped with daVinci 2K Plus programmable scene-to-scene color correction systems for fast, high quality corrected transfers.  DSX Formats are:
    • 2K Full & Academy Aperture
    • HD 1080p


  • Pin Registration – XXXXXX
  • Liquid Gate – XXXXXX.
  • Infrared Dirt Detection & Concealment – XXXXXX.
  • HDR (High Dynamic Rang) – XXXXXX.