Superior Design

Designed to keep up with ever-changing and improving technology, XENA is the world’s first open-architecture film scanning system.  The camera and transport systems are plug-in based and easily modified and upgraded as new technology becomes available.  Some of XENA’s advanced design features include:

  • Interchangable Cameras and Lenses – With support for over 40 digital cameras from a multiple manufacturers, XENA can be configured for any job.  From the highest quality 8K and 10K scans for 65mm IMAX down to better-than-real time HD and SD dailies, XENA can be configured for any job.  Is the camera you like unsupported?  No problem.  Just create a plug-in for it with our Software Design Kit, or we can write it for you.
  • Multi-Format Support – XENA comes standard with support for 35mm/Super 35mm 2-perf, 3-perf, 4-perf and 8-perf Vista formats, plus standard and Super 16mm.  Our custom-designed 35/16 combination sprocket & roller system supports both formats simultaneously.  Super & Standard 8mm kits are available.  65mm support is also offered, but must be ordered at the time of the system purchase.  This includes support for all 65mm formats, including IMAX. If you have delicate or damaged film, just remove the drive sprocket and attach our rubber capstan drive.
  • Advanced LED Illumination – XENA’s exposure system uses high-intensity discreet red, green and blue LED’s, designed as a rectangle matrix, efficiently diffused via a 3D holographic system (for minimum light loss), and them colummated for maximum scratch concealment.  This system is superior to the traditional reflective diffusing sphere.  An optional infrared channel may be ordered  for dirt detection when scanning color film.  Exposure times are accurate down to one microsecond (one millionth of a second), and individual color channel intensities can be set individually for balanced exposure when scanning with color bayer or 3-chip color cameras.  Optional dual channel LED color balance is available for perfect balance scanning of color negative and print film when using color cameras, eliminating the need for post-scan color balancing.  LED exposure is superior to xenon or halogen lamp systems found on other scanners.  Lamp systems drift in intensity over short periods of time and can require frequent recalibration.  They also draw a lot of current and need frequent replacement.
  • Digital or Mechanical Pin Registration – XENA comes standard with digital pin registration, sometime referred to as “optical” registration.  This is achieved by the camera capture of the film perforations, which is analyzed and registered via motion analysis.  This system of stablizing film capture has many advantages, including lower cost, maximum film safety, and, in most cases, more stable images.  Our proprietary motion detection algorithms were designed specifically for two dimensional film capture for maximum stability without any resampling of the original image, yielding the highest possible picture quality.  Optional pin registered gates for all formats are currently under development and will be available in the near future.
  • Efficient Chassis and Electronic Design – The XENA chassis is intelligently designed with an all-aluminum chassis, weighing much less than other full-size scanning systems.  Its depth is only two feet, making it easy to operate in small rooms with space considerations.  Furthermore, XENA operates from 110v or 220v standard single-phase circuits.  Input voltage is automatically sensed without need for switch selection.  The whole system draws only a small portion of a home-style circuits available current.  XENA can be run 24 hours a day without any significant electricity cost.