Introducing XENA from Digital Cinema Systems, the world’s first open-architecture motion picture film scanner and datacine.   A revolution in film scanning, XENA offers a hardware and software tool set unrivaled by any other film scanning system currently available.

XENA is available as a turn-key film scanning solution, or as a retrofit kit for Cintel telecines, Oxberry-based legacy scanners, and Oxberry or Acme optical printers.

XENA Key Features:

  • Affordable – At a fraction of the cost of most commercial film scanners, XENA offers the highest possible image quality, complete with all the features you expect from a high-end film scanner/datacine and more.  The standard system includes everything you need, including support for all 35mm, 16mm and 8mm formats, scanning of negative-print-master positive, color and black & white.  Many additional features are offered as options, so you can configure the system that meets your needs, without paying for features that you don’t want.  You can upgrade your XENA at any time without penalty.  Options include infrared dirt detection, liquid gate, and real-time scanning speeds, just to name a few.  We have even created 65mm scanning systems.
  • Open Architecture – XENA supports interchangable cameras and lenses, with supports for multiple manufacturers of digital cameras.  All camera resolutions are supported.  Currently, the maximum resolution camera on the market is 10K!  If you desire a camera that is not supported, we offer a software design kit to add camera support, or we can write the code for you.  You can do high resolution color-separated scanning and infrared dirt maps with monochrome cameras, or cotinuous-feed rapid capture with color cameras .  XENA supports full-frame CCD cameras for highest possible quality and dynamic range, interline multi-tap CCD cameras for faster frame rates, and color cameras for faster-than-real-time transfers.  Camera setups are easily changed over in minutes with minimal down time.  We are always evaluating and adding support for new cameras as technology advances.
  • Advanced Software Suite – XENA has an intuitive user interface with a rich set of tools not found on other film scanners, including advanced color correction, still store with wipe comparison, dirt and scratch retouching, selectable aspect ratio viewing with guides and matting,  user-selection region of interest viewing, waveform and parade monitors for color correction and matching, and much more.
  • Intelligent Project Management – Projects, scanned media and proxies are efficiently managed within the user interface.  Unscanned or missing media is visible to the user.  Project backups are simple.  Scanning event lists can be created on independent workstations and input later into the scanner workstation so you can keep XENA scanning 24-7.
  • Remote Service – XENA was designed to be maintained without the need for on-site service.  Control electronics and power supplies are housed in rackmount enclosures.  Electro-mechanical systems are modular and can be easily removed and replaced.  In rare instances where a system fails, it can be removed and shipped to us for service.  With a support contract, we will ship a loaner replacement system to you while we repair yours, keeping you working during the service period.  You also receive engineering docs component listings, manufacturer part numbers, and cable pin-outs.