Retrofit Kits

Cintel Mark III Conversion

Cintel Mark III Conversion

In addition to turnkey scanner solutions, Xena is also available as a customizable kit to convert existing film transfer systems into current technology scanning and datacine systems.  This includes Cintel telecine systems, optical printers, and older film scanners.  Because of Xena’s open architecture design, you can install it into any custom hardware solution.

Scanning Kits include the Xena control modules, available in either standard 19 inch rack form, or in compact racks designed for installation into Cintel telecine chasses.  Control modules are available with multiple hardware options.

DCS offers hardware solutions for camera & lens, illumination and motor mounting.  Wiring instructions for every type of installation areprovided.  Premade cable solutions may be purchased directly from DCS.

                                                                    Conversion of existing systems usually involves the complete replacement of almost all original electronics, yielding a new scanning system.  In the case of Cintel telecines, over 95% of the original electronics are removed from the chassis, improving reliability and greatly reducing overall system weight and power requirements.


Xena is compatible with both Cintel and Steadi Systems telecine gates, requiring only minor modifications.   Xena is capable of directly controlling the original Cintel capstan motor, or a new servo drive motor can be ordered, with both sprocket and capstan adapters available.

A lightweight aluminum Xena enclosure may be purchased separately to house your Cintel transport system.  This enclosure weights less than 200 pounds, and has a depth of only 24″, making it easy to maneuver and transport.


Installation of Xena retrofit kits is not complicated, and may be performed by the buyer or by DCS, either at our facility or on the field. Beyond basic installation, comprehensive restoration of Cintel systems, including servo motor rewiring, amplifier overhaul, and bearing replacement is available.  Resurfacing and new powder coating of existing sheet metal panels in the Xena color design is also offered.