Standalone Models

Complete turn-key scanning systems are available either as a new production Xena system, a retrofitted and fully restored Cintel chassis, or a restored Cintel transport system installed into a XENA chassis.

The significant difference between the core XENA scanner and a Cintel-based system is that the XENA transport and gate systems are manufactured from newer digital servo and encoder systems, and the Cintel system works with analog feedback. Both systems are highly reliable, troube-free and perform exceedingly well.

Cintel retrofit systems sold as standalones are fully restored to like-new standards.  Although over 95% of the Cintel electronics systems are removed, the spooling tension system and gate interfaces are retained and fully restored.  This includes replacement of components that may fail due to age, verification of servo motor windings, roller bearing replacements, platter spring restoration, chamber window replacement, and stripping and re-powder coating of exterior panels to the XENA color scheme.